Deanna Deveney

Deanna Deveney

Deanna Deveney also began her career with the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office. She spent five years learning the day-to-day operations of the Office in several departments. She spent the most of her time drafting together summons, eviction notices, and writs of attachment. She also handled auctions for any confiscated goods while also developing training materials for officer safety and legal ethics. She worked in a number of positions, honing the skills she needed to begin her legal career.

Deanna Deveney attended the Massachusetts School of Law after graduating from Curry College and leaving her position with the Middlesex Sheriff's Office. She was pushed and challenged there, and she learned a wide range of critical thinking abilities that have served her well throughout her career. She received her J.D. from the University of Massachusetts Law School in 2014. She also joined the Justinian Law Society while there, which allowed her to network with other Italian-Americans in the legal sector.



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